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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Vadodara Pincode / Post Office Search (VADODARA, Gujarat)

Ajod B.O 391740VadodaraGujarat
Ajwa Road S.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
Akota S.O 390020VadodaraGujarat
Alkapuri S.O 390007VadodaraGujarat
Amaliyara B.O 390022VadodaraGujarat
Amodar B.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
Ampad B.O 391101VadodaraGujarat
Angadh B.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Ankhol B.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
Ankodia B.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Asoj B.O 391745VadodaraGujarat
Atladara S.O 390012VadodaraGujarat
Bajwa S.O 391310VadodaraGujarat
Bakrol B.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
Baranpura S.O 390001VadodaraGujarat
Bhaily S.O 391410VadodaraGujarat
Bill B.O 391410VadodaraGujarat
Chapad B.O 391410VadodaraGujarat
Chhani Rd S.O 390024VadodaraGujarat
Chikhodara B.O 390009VadodaraGujarat
Danteshwar B.O 390004VadodaraGujarat
Dashrath B.O 391740VadodaraGujarat
Dhaniavi B.O 390014VadodaraGujarat
Dhanora B.O 391346VadodaraGujarat
Dodka B.O 391340VadodaraGujarat
Dumad B.O 391740VadodaraGujarat
Eme S.O 390008VadodaraGujarat
Fateganj H.O 390002VadodaraGujarat
Fazalpur B.O 391340VadodaraGujarat
Geb S.O 390007VadodaraGujarat
Gorwa B.O 390003VadodaraGujarat
Gosindra B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Gotri B.O 390021VadodaraGujarat
Itola B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Itola R.S. B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Jambua B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Kalali B.O 390012VadodaraGujarat
Kapurai B.O 390004VadodaraGujarat
Karchiya B.O 391310VadodaraGujarat
Karelibaug S.O 390018VadodaraGujarat
Karodia B.O 391310VadodaraGujarat
Kelanpur B.O 390004VadodaraGujarat
Kotna B.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Koyali S.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Kumetha B.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
M.I. Estate S.O 390010VadodaraGujarat
Madanzampa S.O 390001VadodaraGujarat
Makarpura S.O 390014VadodaraGujarat
Maneja S.O 390013VadodaraGujarat
Manjalpur S.O 390011VadodaraGujarat
Nandesari B.O 391340VadodaraGujarat
Nimetha B.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
Ongc Col S.O 390009VadodaraGujarat
Padmala B.O 391350VadodaraGujarat
Patarveni B.O 391220VadodaraGujarat
Por S.O 391243VadodaraGujarat
Racecourse S.O 390007VadodaraGujarat
Raika B.O 391340VadodaraGujarat
Raipura B.O 391410VadodaraGujarat
Ramnath B.O 391220VadodaraGujarat
Ruvand B.O 391220VadodaraGujarat
Samiyala B.O 391410VadodaraGujarat
Samsabad B.O 391107VadodaraGujarat
Sankarda B.O 391350VadodaraGujarat
Sarar B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Sayajiganj S.O 390020VadodaraGujarat
Sayajipura B.O 390019VadodaraGujarat
Sevasi S.O 391101VadodaraGujarat
Shahpura B.O 391220VadodaraGujarat
Sharadnagar S.O 390009VadodaraGujarat
Sherkhi B.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Sindhrot B.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Sisva B.O 391740VadodaraGujarat
Sokhda S.O 391745VadodaraGujarat
Soma Talav S.O 390025VadodaraGujarat
SRP Group I S.O 390001VadodaraGujarat
Subhanpura S.O 390023VadodaraGujarat
Sundarpura B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Tandalja B.O 390012VadodaraGujarat
Tarsali B.O 390009VadodaraGujarat
Tatarpura B.O 390004VadodaraGujarat
Undera B.O 391330VadodaraGujarat
Vadodara H.O 390001VadodaraGujarat
Vadsala B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Vadsar B.O 390010VadodaraGujarat
Varnama B.O 391240VadodaraGujarat
Vasna Road S.O 390007VadodaraGujarat
Virod B.O 390022VadodaraGujarat